Summer Trends

What to wear now that the season of tan lines and freckled faces is finally here!

At Meghan Doll Photography, we understand how hard it can be to organize your wardrobe for you and your family. Finding the perfect outfits for everyone can be stressful. That's where we come in! We are about to let you in on some helpful tips for preparing for your summer session, and we are all kinds of excited about it!

First things first: Pick a color palette that compliments you and your family well.

Think in terms of tones...neutral tones, blue tones, earth tones. You don't have to match each other, just look like you belong together! This season, we are IN LOVE with neutrals, whites, pastel blues and blush tones. Blush is the new neutral, right?

Secondly: Wear what feels good.

We want you to feel your best for your photo shoot. Find a piece you love with in your chosen color palette that showcases who you are AND makes you feel like a million bucks. We are in LOVE with some of this seasons trends for women. Some of our favorites to photograph are:

off the shoulder tops

florals and lace

denim tops

white and blue denim bottoms

All you men out there, where do we even start?! Although mens fashion has remained somewhat the same for years, there are still some new trends making their way into your closets and we love them! Some of our favorites are:

Denim, denim denim! 


Cuban collars

Cuffed hems and sleeves

Oxford shoes

For the little ones, we are loving neutrals. Pops of color add an element of summer fun as well.  Some of our favorite pieces for little ones are:


Linen pants



We hope this helps ease some of the stress of planning for your summer session! We're looking forward to seeing you soon!

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