Zara's First Photo Shoot | Minneapolis Newborn Photographer

I think this was the start of something big. At only eight days old, this little baby, with the most beautiful name, handled here first photo shoot like a real professional. Most newborn babies might have a cry or two here or there, but this little angel was as happy as a clam. She let us do so many fun things with her. As long as her belly was full, she was content. I think i could have shot her all day! close up of newborn girl sound asleep on white rug.little newborn girl cacooned in a soft pink swaddle.sweet newborn baby in a basket shot from above on a hot pink blanket.proud new parents holding a smiling newborn babynewborn baby in ivory ruffle bloomers sleeping on couch with delicate purple pillow behind dad looking at his tiny newborn next to a shot of the newborns swirl hair pattern.beautiful mom holding newborn daughter close to her face.sweet naked little newborn girl sleeping soundly on her belly.precious newborn girl sleeping on blanket with her chin on her and dad holding newborn baby kissing it's head.

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