Little Z is TWO | Minneapolis Child Photographer

Say hello to little Z who just turned two! This child was a blast to have in the studio. The curly hair and big eyes didn't hold a candle to his sweet disposition! (if you can imagine that...) AND he fell for all our tricks! How fun is that! Little boy wearing a tee shirt stating he is two years old, sitting with his favorite stuffed animals having a conversation with them.two year old boy with satisfied expression sitting on a blue chair holding a book.Big smile on little boy wearing a fedora little boy sitting on couch holding his toes with a sweet, shy expression on his face.little boy holding mom and dads hands with a huge smile on his face. he is looking sharp in a preppy outfit complete with a fedora.Little boy sitting on couch with his knees up, resting his chin in his hand.two year old child laughing and kicking up his toes wearing a fedora