The Truth About Printing

We know how busy life can be. In the day to day hustle and lifestyle of instant satisfaction, it can be challenging to decide how to best invest our time and money. We get it! Life is FULL and we're all trying to do the best we can, while saving as much as we can along the way.

In todays fast pace World we sometimes forget how important it is to invest in QUALITY.

The idea of printing on-the-spot pictures is appealing. You get it right away! But the reality of what you’re getting is different than the potential your image actually has.

The truth is that printing in non-pro labs gives your photos inconsistent and sometimes scary results.

There are so many things that change in a consumer lab environment compared to a pro-lab. Some of the things that affect the prints are the technician running the machine, the calibration of the printer, the paper you print on, and the printer itself. All of these things make printing wildly inconsistent.

When you print at a pro-lab you get the quality and consistency you're paying for. 

We decided to do an experiment to show you what we mean. We printed two different photos. In the first photo we wanted to show how skin tone can really be affected. The second photo we picked has all neutral tones to show you how other colors can pop up and do some funky stuff. Both of these are a result of poor calibration and quality control.

As you can see, both baby's skin is different print to print. There are greens and blues and magentas in spots where they shouldn't be and baby appears to be way more red than in the actual print. Some of the photos are even washed out or blown out compared to the prints true exposure. The results are disturbing and speak for themselves! If you want consistent, beautiful photos, investing in pro-lab printing is the answer.

The most important thing we can give you is a beautiful custom print to show off in your home. You've already invested a lot of time, energy, and money into this professional portrait experience.  Let us do your images justice by professionally printing them.