The B Family's Newest Addition | Minneapolis Newborn Photography

There is something about working with toddlers and newborns together that I just love. I think it might be the natural curiosity of the toddler, closely examining her new baby sister. The contrast in energies...the sweet sleeping newborn vs. the active energy of the toddler. Whatever it is...I love finding new ways to capture it. Mom and dad holding newborn baby girl while toddler jumps on bed.Three year old girl examining baby sister while sitting on bed.Angelic newborn girl sleeping on her arms with a halo headband in black and white.Newborn baby in foreground with family sitting in background on bed.Proud big sister sitting on bed with sleeping newborn.Three year old girl standing on chair being silly in a cute white dress.Sleeping baby in basket wearing halo headband.Family with newborn baby girl.New parents proudly holding their newborn baby girl in black and white.