Father’s Day, Super Dad’s

“Some people don’t believe in heroes. But they haven’t met my dad.”

~ Unknown

June 18th is Father’s Day!

Here at the studio, were celebrating the super dad’s in our lives.

You know the dad’s we are talking about. The dad's that are there for the hard times, the make believe times, and the happy times. We are better because of them.

The Miller's are an amazing example of those super hero dad's. We’ve been honored to watch Brian and Cade's beautiful family grow over the years with baby Parker.

We recently asked Cade what the best part of being a dad was?

He responded, "What I love most about being a Dad is the amount of love and joy that I feel every single day. Parker has brought an extraterrestrial level of joy to our lives that we could not have anticipated. It is simply the best!”

Thank you for giving us #dadgoals Miller Family! You are an inspiration in our World.

How will you celebrate the special Father’s in life? What makes a super hero dad to you? Celebrating all the amazing dads today and always! You’re our favorite adventurers, best story time readers, and give the greatest piggy back rides. Thank you for being you!