I'm CERTIFIED | Minneapolis Certified Professional Photographer

I did it! I passed! Yippee! Woooeee! YES! I am an official CERTIFIED Professional Photographer now (CPP). And let me tell you, it was quite the process. In January I headed down to Imaging USA in Nashville, TN, where I studied like a college kid and took a 3 hour test...and that was just the beginning of my road to certification! The second part of the process involved an image submission, judged by a panel of photographic wizards, which measured my artistic and technical competence. I reveled in the technical detail and perfected my craft.

Lo and behold, I made it. I'm Certified.

I went after this certification to really push myself as a photographer and artist. I feel it holds me to a higher standard in the industry, one that I’m incredibly proud of. Just as doctors, accountants, and other professionals seek certification in their industries, I wanted to show the public my qualifications to be the best photographer possible for them.  Professional Photographers of America (PPA) currently recognizes fewer than 2,500 CPPs worldwide. I'm so honored and proud to be among them!