Blank Slate.

This spring I entered my very first print competition through the North Central District Professional Photography Association. And guess what! I got a Merit! A Merit is basically a recognition of a job well done, allowing me to move through to the next round of the competition this summer, the International Print Competition. When they do the judging, they stream it live so you can listen as they decide the fate of your image. And let me tell you what a thrilling experience that was...the anticipation! the nerves! I think I even broke a sweat as they discussed whether or not my print was worthy.  My favorite quote from them was, "This photographer obviously knows the rules, but she decided to break every one of them. And it worked."

Yep! Pretty much sums it up.

It was so fun to approach my photography from such a different angle...I feel like I was in art school again. I came up with the concept, crafted the set, found the perfect model...and an image was made.

Everyone who knows me, knows I love kids (almost as much as I love babies ;).  What I love most about them is their fresh perspective on life. The are just starting their journey, working through the ups and downs, learning the ins and outs. They are essentially a blank slate...untainted, pure, innocent. And the world is their oyster!

When I came up with the concept of Blank Slate, I wanted to show a strong little girl, ready for the world. I dressed her in a women's button down shirt to convey that she is just starting her journey to adulthood. And the blank sheets of paper on the wall echoed the idea of the main concept.

It's such a great feeling when all the stars align and you shoot EXACTLY what you had set out to. Special thanks to Miss Tenny for being such a great model and muse. xo

Image of strong little girl standing infront of a wall of blank sheets of paper wearing a grow ups button down shirt.