How to Prepare for a Successful Newborn Session


First off, CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve got a sweet new babe at home and we’re dying to meet them. You’ve probably got a million questions about what you need to do for your newborn session, so we thought we’d give you our best tips and tricks to ensure a smooth and successful session.



Although we can always take feeding breaks during your session, try to feed baby enough to have them full and sleepy by the time you arrive! If you’re nursing, try to avoid eating anything that might upset baby’s tummy 24 hours prior to your session, like pizza, hot sauce, or other spicy treats. We want baby full and happy!


Try to keep your new arrival awake for as long as possible prior to your session to ensure that they are good and sleepy. If baby arrives awake and alert, we sometimes spend more time trying to get them to sleep instead of photographing. Try giving them a bath, keeping them naked, or anything else that you know keeps them alert.


Make sure you bring your baby in something that is easy to get off, and nothing that needs to be pulled over their head. A simple zip or button-up sleeper is your best bet for not waking up baby during outfit changes.


Babies sleep better when they’re nice and warm, and we always keep the studio extra toasty for newborn sessions. In fact, it’s so warm that we recommend you dress in layers, too! This will keep the whole family comfortable, even at a temperature that’s best for babies.




Even if you don’t use a pacifier, we encourage you to bring one to your session, and the short amount of time we use it won't form any habits. Our goal is to keep your baby happy during your session, and sometimes 30 seconds with a pacifier is all it takes!

Personal Items

Hand knitted hats, a special toy, a rattle - these are all things that help tell the story of your baby’s first few days of life. If nothing comes to mind, don’t worry! We have plenty of props here in the studio.

Extra Bottles

Whether you are nursing or bottle feeding, having extra bottles and/or milk is suggested. Some babies tend to eat more than usual during their photo sessions, and it’s always best to come prepared.


No need to bring any outfits for your baby - we have plenty of wraps, blankets, and bloomers. But, since accidents can happen when holding a naked baby, bring an extra shirt for yourself.

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