How to Build a Family Wall with Framed Artwork

Filling that large, empty wall in your home can be intimidating. You want the space to complement the rest of your home, fit your family’s style, and bring the space together.

Here at MDP, we specialize in “Heart Art” - displays that show off your loved ones with style. We’re passionate about helping families create a wall that fits their space and tells their story. Here’s some of our best tips to help you get started on your own Heart Art Display.

Define the Space

Furniture and area rugs can help create boundaries for your space, even in an open-concept home. Consider your furniture as the anchor to what will hang above it. Using this approach , you can easily gage the right dimensions to fit the space.

Plan Your Grid & Get Your Tools

Using a grid helps create symmetry (and it makes hanging a lot easier, too). For large projects, use a laser level and a tape measure to help with accuracy, and always remember to use a pencil for marking your walls. If you’re still having trouble, don’t forget to ask us about our home installation service! We’re not just experts at design, we’re also great at hanging as well.

Coordinate with your Decor

Choose frame colors and styles that compliment the decor of your home. Mixing and matching can be a fun way to keep it all fresh and playful. Remember, you don’t need to have one art wall, either. Feel free to turn those odd and unused spaces into something special with small frame groupings


Find Your POV

You’ve probably heard that it’s best to hang frames and eye level, but that may not be true for your space. Pictures hung in a dining room will most often be viewed forma seated position, while pictures in an entryway will be seen while standing. To find your focal point, sit or stand where you normally would in your room and hang wherever your eyes naturally fall.

Be Creative

Even if you use a grid, your photos don’t need to be perfectly aligned. Mismatched frames, off-centered prints, and odd numbers can create visually interesting and unique spaces. Your home is a reflection of you - and you can be as classic or as wild as your family is! We’re here to give you advice, but what’s most important is that you love your Heart Art Wall every time you see it.


Following these simple steps will help get you started on designing the prefect family wall. For more inspiration, check out our Pinterest board featuring all sorts of frame displays here.

Happy Framing!

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Meghan Doll