Why we love Honeybook

Ok, it’s time for some real talk about the business of photography. Anyone who runs a photography business knows how hard it is to keep track of all the THINGS. That’s why it’s crucial to have good systems in place to help you along the way. We’ve been using the same client management system for the last 12 years now, and it really had is limitations.

UNTIL we met…


We finally made the switch to HoneyBook and even though we are only a few months into it, we love it. Our client management system has completely transformed. Sending invoices and proposals, email automation, implementing workflows, creating and sending brochures, getting paid, bookkeeping, and just having everything for each of our clients in one place… has changed our game. And here’s why.


Before Honeybook, we had files, notes, and emails all over the place. Now we can literally open Honeybook and everything is right there! Clients can send and sign contracts, make payments online directly through the system, and we can just hop on anytime and review their questionnaire if we ever forget something. It’s literally all there for us. It’s fabulous.

Below is a screen shot of a clients project. It’s our one stop shop for seeing what “activity” or emails have come through and for keeping all the “Files” such as contracts, invoices, proposals, brochures…anything we’ve shared with our client in one place. lt also shows what stage each project is at in the workflow. We love it!

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 11.05.32 AM.png


This is something totally new to us, but we loveee it so far! You can setup custom workflows for your business that keeps you on-track with each client. Say whattt?! Yep, and you can assign different workflows for each client, or you can have them automatically assigned when people submit their inquiries from your website. AMAZING! For us, we have automatic reminders and follow emails that are set to send to clients after so many days. It has freed up so much time for us, and gives such peace of mind knowing that our clients are getting taken care of even when we are busy doing other things.

Below is an example of the different types of workflows we have set up. Not every session has the same workflow so being able to customize this to our needs helps us keep track of it all.

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 11.26.20 AM.png


These features are new to us and we LOVE THEM. It gives everyone here at MDP access to each client and their files, as apposed to having one system on one computer that only one person could access. Now, the whole team here can access it all from anywhere. It even has an app that literally let’s me peak at notes and contracts if I’m ever on on the go and need to look something up! Game-changer for sure.

Below is a screen shot of the dashboard - the first thing we check every morning! It shows us what has new activity, what’s on the calendar for the day and what tasks need to be taken care of based off of the workflows. It’s like someone telling you what you need to do each day!

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 11.25.02 AM copy.png


This is what sealed the deal for us! Honeybook makes bookkeeping so much easier! We recently synced up to our Quickbooks account and it automatically imports your invoices and payments for every client. No more LONG hours reconciling and matching deposits! Honeybook makes this process so simple and easy, it’s like the frosting on the cake.

Below is a screen shot of the bookkeeping tool that tracks all payments and automatically syncs them with Quickbooks. YES!

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 11.27.10 AM.png

So there you have it! The newest addition to Meghan Doll Photography. :)

If you are on the fence, sign up for their free trial! There is definitely a learning curve, but stick with it. It will prove itself once you start understanding all the nuances of it. And once you fall in love with it (because we know you will), use code MEGHANDOLL for 50% off your first year! YEP! You read that right :)

Have fun Honeybookers!

Meghan Doll