5 tips for hanging artwork…the right way


Tastefully displaying photos in your home in a thoughtful way can seem like an art in and of itself. If you’re thinking about adding some character and style to your home, an artful display of photos is a great place to start. But how do you display your photos in the right way? What height should they be at? How many can you put together at a time? Well, we’re here to offer a few tips to get your home gallery wall looking juuuust right.

1. Balance is key. Did you know that even a-symetric groupings can have balance? the trick here is to balance the weight of the images. If there is a larger image, surround it creatively with smaller images. Making sure the over all height of the collections suits the wall it’s on is also important.


2. Use your furniture to frame the artwork. It’s important to consider the furniture in the room your considering hanging artwork in. Think of the credenza as an anchor for what lives above. By anchoring artwork to your existing furniture, you can make sure the art fits the space.


3. Create a grid. Nothing looks cleaner and sharper than a grid of fab photos in our opinion. The trick here will be to balance the imagery out so the grid feels cohesive.


4. Hang groupings in odd numbers. Call it Feng Shui or whatever you’d like, but here’s something about odd numbers that is pleasing to the eye. Consider having a main image that’s a little larger or hanging larger groups a little off center and see what fits.


5. Get the height right. There’s nothing worse that artwork that is hung too high. The gallery standard for hanging artwork is 65” off the ground. However it’s important to do what suits the room and the and the angle that the images will be viewed from. Aim for hanging so the center of the image is at eye level. In the living room, bear in mind that you’ll mostly be seated so the images can be a little lower on the wall.


Meghan Doll