How to Prepare Your Kids for Your Family Session

We totally get that preparing for your family session can be tough! Especially with little kids. Sometimes, all it takes are a few simple things to make sure your kids are prepared and ready to rock their session! Below we are sharing our tips and tricks to prep your kiddos!


Make sure your kids are comfy in what they are wearing.

Even as adults, there is nothing worse than leaving the house for the day and realizing within 30 seconds you are uncomfortable and all you want is to tear your clothes off and jump back into those yoga pants. Same goes for your kids! Start thinking about their wardrobe long before their session and make sure they can comfortably sit, walk, and play in them! Trust us, this simple tweak will make it go so much smoother!:)

Have a little convo before your session.

Sit your littles down before your session and just explain to them what they will be doing and how much fun it’s going to be (Extra emphasis on the “fun”). Hype them up so they are excited to get ready and come to the studio to get their pictures taken! Bribes and rewards always work too if they need a little extra incentive! :)

Make sure tummies are full.

I mean, are you happy when your stomach is growling? Heck to the no! Make sure everyone has eaten enough to get through the session. And be sure to bring some snacks to tide them over if the promise of a special treat at the end of the session (like Ice-cream!) isn’t doing the trick!

Have Fun!

Your kids can sense when the mood shifts, so just make sure you are having best time and I bet your kids will be having just as much fun! Smile, laugh, tell them they look adorable and encourage them. Nothing shuts a kid down faster than a parent hovering over them telling them to smile “right”. It’s my job to get the natural laughs, smiles, and giggles out of them and I’ve have lots of tricks up my sleeve to make that happen!

Meghan Doll