Hey Everybody! I’ve got some exciting news to share. I’m going to be presenting at the Minnesota Professional Photographers Assocication this year. What an honor! This class is something is very near and dear to my heart, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to pass on what I’ve learned in my career so far to other passionate, successful, hard-working photographers and entrepreneurs just like YOU.

Here are the details on my class:

“The Art of the Sale”.

One of my most favorite things to do is to create artwork for all of the amazing families that I serve. I believe it’s one of the most rewarding things a photographer can do...Period.

It fills the hearts of all the people who view it everyday, serves as an heirloom for generations to come, AND serves the photographer (YOU) by generating more profits so you can do what you love. This class will cover all you need to know to get your clients excited for the art in their sale. 

We’ll go over the importance of educating your clients from the very beginning so that they are ready for the shoot and the sale, what poses sell and how to incorporate them into your sessions, the basics of in person sales sessions and how to make sure they are successful, and finally, we’ll cover some decorating basics that will include tips on how to size and style framed artwork for the home. 

My goal is for you to leave this class feeling inspired and ready to create beautiful, meaningful artwork for your clients homes. In my studio, we call this Heart Art: Art of your loved ones.

Heart art is so much more than a photo hanging on your wall.

It’s the memories and the emotions that you felt while taking that photo. The stage of life you were in. The joke that was made that got your entire family to roar laughing that made this photo what it is. Our goal as photographers is to document true moments, and what better way than to showcase these moments for all to cherish, love and see.

Are you ready?!

Meghan Doll