Why You Should Invest in a Professional Photographer



Everybody knows somebody who’s “into” photography, amiright? And my guess is that many of you who have tried hiring an amateur photographer were a tad bit (if not completely) disappointed in the results. No big surprises there! The truth of the matter is, professional photographers have the experience and knowledge that a hobbyist just doesn’t have. They may have the vision, but do they have the technical skill to pull it off?

That my friends, is the main reason why hiring a professional photographer is worth every penny.

Professional photographers have paid their dues so to speak. They’ve not only invested in the high quality equipment but also have put in the work (time and energy) to master their craft. They know their camera like the back of their hand. So the technical aspect doesn’t even come into play for them. They can focus on the client experience and creating the vision. And YOU, dear ones, can rest assured that the images produced will be all be technically and visually perfect. Here are a few reasons why hiring a pro makes all the difference in the world.

Everything you receive is of the highest quality.

A friend that offers to snap a few photos of your family will give you your digitals (probably unedited and from a lower quality camera) with free reign to do whatever you want with. Sounds pretty good, right? But will the image quality look good when printed larger than a 4x6? Is the color balanced (does anyone look green)? Are the subjects properly focused? By working with a professional photographer, you can trust that the quality of the file will be top notch. Not only that, but the color will be properly balanced and the focus will be on point. No one wants to show off a photo of a purple baby, do they? And what good is a family photo if no one is even in focus? Things you will never have to worry about when working with a pro.

It’s all in the details.

Even if you hire a friend with a nice camera, I will put money down that they won’t have the trained eye for detail that an experienced pro has. If you’re too busy worrying about your camera settings, how can you notice the unflattering bulge in moms sweater? Or the tousled hair on the kids? There’s a term in the biz called “Spray and Pray”. It’s where a photographer takes a million and one photos hoping that 20 of them will turn out. That is exactly what you WON’T get from a pro. A professional photographer will create an experience that truly allows your family to BE in the love you have for each other. And at the same time make sure everyone is looking their best while doing so! And that’s not to much to ask for by a long stretch!

Artwork will stand the test of time.

Some will say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And for the most part, when you’re looking at photos of your loved ones, that’s true. But what about 10 years down the line? Or even 50 years down the line? Will the image still hold up? Will it have the same emotional draw? Does it have compositional finesse? When you choose to work with a professional photographer your images will stand out from the rest in a way that will be treasured for generations to come. Just consider all of the family heirlooms you may already have in your family. What is the quality of them?My bet is they were taken with skill and care so they could be preserved in the best way possible. That’s exactly what you’ll get from a pro.

And in my humble opinion that’s what every family deserves.

Love, Meghan Doll

Certified PROFESSIONAL Photographer :)

Meghan Doll