Tips and Tricks for a Successful Family Photography Session

'Tis the season for a Fall Family photos!

And boy don't we know it! Now that we're in full swing, booking all sorts of families for fall, I thought it only appropriate to take it a step further and give ya'll a few tips on how to make sure your session is a success!

It's not lost on me how much effort goes into making sure everybody looks their best on picture day. Believe me when I say,  I want everything to go as smoothly as you do! Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure everything goes better than you ever thought it could! 



Picking out what to wear is probably the biggest challenge you'll face when planning for your photos. Not sure where to start? Well, allow me to help! For starters, think about what kind of style your family has. If you are laid back,  casual family, then jeans and tees might be the perfect style for you. If your family is more classic and chic, then perhaps a collard shirt and some nice slacks are the way to go. The important thing here is to pick a style that suits who you are. Once you've determine what style  you want to go with, the next step is to pick a palette of colors to work with. It can be helpful to think in terms of color tones (blue tones, earth tones, jewel tones, etc). You don't all have to match, just coordinate so that you look like you belong together. Sometimes finding a piece that you are really excited about showcasing in the photos is a great way to start. From there, you can coordinate everyone else's outfits based on that inspirational piece. Whatever showcases your family well, that's what we want to photograph! 

Have your wardrobe laid out and ready the night before

Having your wardrobe laid out the night before relieves so much stress the morning of your session. There is nothing worse than realizing something doesn't fit right or you can't find the shoes you had in mind for your outfit. We want you to truly enjoy the time with your family, stress free!  

Leave plenty of time to get ready

Leave plenty of times for showers, baths, dressing and grooming. When families come to a session rushed, it has a tendency of setting the tone for the session. We want you to truly ENJOY your sessions and the time with your family. Make an event out the process and it will all seem like a lot more fun!

Get plenty of rest

I know this one can be tough, especially with little ones running around. Try to make sure you, and everyone else in your family gets a good nights sleep before your session. We want to capture everyone at their best! Also, make sure that we schedule your session around any nap schedules as well. Well rested kids are happy kids! 

Make sure tummies are full! 

There is nothing worse than having a meltdown mid-shoot because someone is feeling hangry! Make sure that everyone, especially the kids, get enough to eat prior to the shoot.  If you don't have time to whip up something at home, swing into Corner Coffee downstairs from our studio and grab something quick to tie you over. And if possible, bring snacks!

Let your kids be kids

Children can sense when parents are stressed, and nothing ruins a session faster than stressed out parents! Embrace the chaos and let your children be themselves. Not every photo is going to be them perfectly smiling and standing straight at the camera. In our opinion, some of the best images are the candid ones. The ones that capture real time and real emotions. Just relax and enjoy the time with your family and let your kids, be kids. We'll take care of making sure we get all the  right shots!

Make sure to have fun with your family! 

Our goal here is to capture your family as authentically as possible. We want to bring out personalities and capture the essence of your family the best we can.. Don't be afraid to look away from the camera and embrace your children or your partner. Pick your children up and toss them around, kiss your wife/husband, whatever you're inspired to do! We want to capture these moments for you to cherish forever. 


Meghan Doll