The Best Ice Cream in Minneapolis

Now that summer is officially here, it's only fitting that we reveal the Best Ice Cream Spots in Minneapolis, because we know you're all wondering! Summer is pretty short here in Minnesota. That's why it's extremely important to make the most of every single day...and eat lots of ice cream! Besides, who doesn't love a cute photo of a kid enjoying life to the fullest by eating a giant ice cream cone?! I know I sure do! 

MN Nice Cream

The BEST soft serve in town, and definitely the most unique! This is one of our new faves, especially now that they opened their first brick n' morter store in North East Minneapolis! MN Nice Cream has been boooooming ever since they launched their ice cream truck back in 2016. Their colorful ice cream creations are all we've been hearing about, both in real life and on the 'gram. Their flavors and toppings are always changing, so there is always something new to look forward too. So go dive into this community lovin', ice cream sharing, out-of-this-world cone makin' ice cream shop, and be sure to grab some instagrammable Ice Cream shots while you're at it

Sebastian Joes

Sebastion Joes is one of the more well-known ice cream shops in the city, and for many tasty reasons! Not only do they offer vegan and specialty ice creams with flavors rotating like crazy, but they also serve locally roasted coffee and homemade treats! Say whaatttt?! Yes, yes, it's true, they have ice cream, coffee, AND baked goodies for those who crave a different kind of treat. Me personally? I am gaga over their sorbets...blueberry mint?! Pear?! Watermelon Basil?!! Yes please and thank you!




Milkjam Creamery

Milkjam is the best jam. This hip spot is the perfect place to end up after a long day running around the city. Located right in the heart of Uptown, this place is the perfect pit stop for anything and everything you could ever want in ice cream. We're talking shakes, malts, floats, scoops, sundaes, sandwiches...even ice cream cake. ICE CREAM CAKE. Head on over y'all. You'll love it.



Conventional Grill

Did someone sayyyy...milkshake?! Because THESE. ARE. THE. BEST. The Conventional Grill in Edina is one of the only old school diners still serving traditional milkshakes (and the best burgers and fries ever) in town.  The vibes here remind me of the cute little diner in the movie, Grease, with the checkered floors, red vinyl booths, and waitress' who wear 70's outfits and aprons. This place is just the best!




There are two kinds of ice cream eaters... those who know exactly what they want and get it every time...and the samplers. IZZY's is the place for the latter of that group by far! Not only they offer a tiny extra scoop on top of every order, they also created the God Father of ice cream sampling...the HOT DISH. One scoop of all 32 flavors in one giant dish. Pick your toppings, and settle in for a majorly epic treat. Located near Gold Medal Park and the Guthrie Theater, this is a great place to stop in for a treat before a leisurely stroll by the river. 

Meghan Doll