5 best coffee shops in the north loop, minneapolis


Who doesn't love walking into the perfect coffee shop with the perfect vibe for the perfect drink?  Some days, it can be just the thing to reset the week. Lucky for us, the north loop neighborhood of Minneapolis is full of inspired coffee shops to satisfy every thirst. here is a list of our favorites, in no particular order.



This is the newest coffee shop to hit the neighborhood and it is on point! The space is gorgeous, the drinks are well made, and...wait for it... there is a huge parking lot! They also have a satisfying lunch menu and serve wine and beer. What more could you ask for?

Moose and Sadies

Moose and Sadies as been in neighborhood for decades and it's definitely one of our favorites. The atmosphere is relaxed, the pastries are delish, and there's some great shopping right next door.  

Spyhouse Coffee

If you haven't experienced Spyhouse coffee, have you even had coffee in Minneapolis? The North Loop location has a distinct artistic aesthetic that makes you cooler just for being there. Be prepared to be inspired.  

The Bachelor Farmer Cafe

This little spot is a charmer for sure. Not only can you enjoy an artfully crafted caffeinated beverage, but you can also delight yourself with a quick and easy lunch. And don't forget to indulge in the gooey brownies! My mouth is watering just thinking about them...

Corner Coffee

We hold a deep appreciation for Corner Coffee here. Located right below our studio, their coffee, tea, sandwiches, and salads have become a part of our every day. Everything is delicious, just as it should be, and the vibe is warm and pleasantly simple.

Meghan Doll