7 Ways to take better pictures of your kids on your phone

If you’re like any of the moms I know, your phone is chock full of photos of the kiddos. 

But how many of them are actually “good” photos? Of course, they’re good in that they have your kids in them, but are they composed well? Exposed properly? Do they have the right expressions? 


Here are 7 tips on how to take better photos of your kids with your phone!

  1. Get on the same plane as your subject. When you’re shooting images of children get down on their level so you’re the same height. The resulting image will feel more intimate and personal.
  2. Change your point of view.  Think outside the box and shoot from different angels. Try a close-up instead of a wide shot, or shooting from the side or top down. Adding in different angles will give you a new perspective on how you view the loves of your life. 
  3. Turn off the flash. Flash tends to result in washed out images. Try turning it off to capture more ambient light as your eye naturally sees it. 
  4. Turn the flash back on if the background is bright. A flash in the foreground will fill in the shadows on faces that might otherwise be lost. 
  5. Upgrade to a photo editing app. Give the instagram editor a break and see what you can do with a photo editing software like Snapseed. I promise you’ll love it! Tweak the photo in the app, then upload the final your social media as the final step.
  6. Turn on Burst Mode. When trying to capture squirmy subjects, take multiple shots to increase your chances of catching a good one. Hold down the shutter release to snap a series of photos in quick succession. To view them, open the burst in your photo app and scroll through to select the best shot of the bunch. 
  7. Adjust the Exposure. Tap your iPhone screen, then hold and slide your finger to change the exposure. If you’re shooting a high contrast scene, prioritize the lighter tones, darker areas can be lightened up when editing.  

Go ahead and try a few of these tips out and let me know how it goes! Happy snapping!


Meghan Doll