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Baby, Family and Newborn Portrait Photographer, Minneapolis


The studio

Professional family and baby natural light portrait studio

Our natural light studio is stocked with everything needed for a successful shoot


Located in the bustling NORTH LOOP district of Minneapolis, our studio is fully equipped and ready for anything. To make sure you and your family have the BEST EXPERIENCE, we put thought into every detail. Our goal is for you to enjoy the TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY as much as you're going to enjoy the photos that come of it. We CAN'T WAIT TO SHARE this experience with you. 



meet meghan

Hello! THANKS for stopping by! I've been photographing people, in some shape or form, for over twenty years now and absolutely LOVE what I do. I like to think of my work as a reflection of the love that people have for their families. I know life may not always be picture perfect. my hope is that the photos we create will help you REMEMBER why you're doing it all in the first place. 

Fun facts about me: I love to DANCE. like really like to dance. I MEDITATE daily. I believe a healthy mind and body equals a HAPPY life. I like to challenge myself and am always trying to and BE MORE. and I'm a blueberry fiend.


Minneapolis professional family, baby, and newborn portrait photographer


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